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31 Funniest Faces You Ever Saw!

31 Funniest Faces

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Today I watched a young girl crying to her mother about how “funny looking” she was. The child, it seems, had recently had braces put on.

It was hard not to think, “Oh you have no idea what funny looking truly is, little girl!”

One look around the internet and you will see no end of some truly funny looking folks. Some are funny weird or funny creepy or just plain old funny but the one thing they usually have in common is the ability to quickly remind you that maybe you’re not quite as bad looking as you seem to think sometimes.

This young lady and her “funny looking” braces has no idea what a honest to goodness funny looking face is. Nature and bad genetics can team up for some crazy, awful, and funny faces of all types.

Some people just have the funniest faces ever conceived!

This is just a small collection of some of the funniest faces I’ve come across online.